Almost every person on this earth, begin their day with a hot cup of tea.  Some people go for coffee while some go for milk, but the tea is on the high toast of majority people on earth.  People say that reading newspaper with a cup of tea on the breakfast table with their family makes their day fresh and happening.  However, few people get up with the bed tea and then began their daily routine.  It go with the taste and mood of the people, but the one thing is common everywhere that is, tea.


The tea that we get in the market is actually grown on the plants.  In India, maximum tea is grown in Assam.  These are pricked up and then processed.  The pricking and processing is the very hard work, which involves thousands of hands.  However, the packaging of the tea is the most difficult and major part of the tea industry.  The freshness and taste of the tea is to be maintained, and with the same freshness it should reach the consumers.  But, maintaining the taste and quality is not as easy as it seems to be.  However, tea bags make their work very easy.  The processed tea is filled in the tea bags, made of foil, paper or even polymer material. 


These bags provide extra security to the tea which keeps them very safe and intact.  This bag is sealed and vacuum is created inside it.  The moisture level of the tea is also to be maintained, so adequate amount of temperature and humidity level has to be carefully checked.  But, with the processing of the tea, it becomes very resistant to some of the variations.  Once the tea bags are opened, then it became the duty of the buyer to carefully close it so that it cannot come in constant contact with the atmospheric air.  To enjoy the taste of the tea till its last bit, this much sincerity is very essentially needed.


In the packaging field, the plastic was the most widely used material.  However, plastic was not so easily recycled, because it is petroleum based polymer and requires a great amount of man work and money.  Also, it was not safe to the environment.  Thus, whey protein packaging was employed into the system.  Whey protein is actually a byproduct of cheese production, and the scientists of Barcelona were the first one to use it in the packaging field.  Whey can be easily recycled and not only that, it has same flexibility and strength as that of plastic.  Whey protein packaging has brought a great change in the field of packaging, and has got a new improved method with the motto of green earth.