Pets are the men best friend.  They are with you all the time, they play with you, and they smile with you and love you. If a pet is brought in the home, it becomes a part of a family. This shows how much pet are loved and accepted by the people. People have different taste and choices.  Some prefer dogs, cats, parrots, hens, goat, cows, etc. but the value of all the pets in any family is the same. Pets are kept either for their hobby or for a reason. The reason may be earning from their milk or wool or any other thing, or either protection of home while some do it just for their hobby and love for pets.


However, keeping the pets is not as easy as it sounds.  If you have to earn the love and care of your pet, it’s your duty to give him all the happiness and care. The care from the food side is mainly handled by the pet food industries but the rest care is on the shoulders of the care taker.  The food packed for the pets is mainly rich in carbohydrates and proteins which are mainly for their better growth and development. This food should rich the pet with the same nutritional value and for this, pet food packaging is implied. Here, the food is kept away from the atmosphere so that it is safe from the humidity and moisture in the air. If the food is coming in constant exposure to the air or pollution contaminants in the air, that may not only oxidize and deteriorate the food, but also loss the nutritional level and may prove harmful to the animal also. Keeping this in mind, the resealable bags were used in the pet food packaging system.  This saved the food as well as its taste. Nowadays, different taste and flavors of food are available which provide variety to the animals. Also, keeping their metabolism and other body feature, the food implements are modified with time to time.


The same kind of care and preventive measures are taken in the nuts packaging. The nuts and the dried fruits are served as snacks, which are in the favorites list of many of the people.  However, opening and serving the nuts seems to be very easy, however keeping them safe, maintaining their freshness and quality is the main aim of nuts packaging. Here also, the vacuum packets are used so that the nuts do not come in contact with the atmospheric gases.  Many other steps are involved in its packaging, thus we must respect each and every nut we eat with joy.