The earth contains 60% water and 40% land.  This shows how much water is present on earth, but there has to be a reason behind its so high quantity on earth.  The water is basically the life of the human being.  It is required every where, either it is plant irrigation, or human survival or simply making any vegetable or medicines the water is required every where.  Life without water is just impossible, not a single step can be taken without the water.  This is so huge and incomparable necessity of the water in the life and other earthly components.


These days the liquid products that we see in the market such as, juices, anti microbes soaps, liquid soaps, jell, oil and many more are basically made using the water only.  Here, the water is used as the reacting surface and the other ingredients are added in it, they combine with each other due to the presence of the single reacting surface i.e. water.  However, such liquid products have taken a deep place in the daily routine in the human life, and so they have also earned the same position and respect that we have for the water.  As the requirement and usage is high, the liquid packaging is also the big and complicated topic to discuss. 


This is not as easy as its sounds, it required a deep thinking process and then finally a proper system was developed which is till now being used actively.  The liquid packaging basically follows the stand up pouches packaging, as the liquid contained in it will be standing and that is considered as safe, also the vacuum packaging is taken into consideration.  This vacuum packaging is mainly for the sensitive liquids like juices, pulps, nectars which are getting easily oxidized in presence of the atmospheric oxygen.


The very common thing that is efficiently used in carrying the liquid products is the plastic bags.  The plastic has that property that is not getting affected by the liquid, it remains as it is and this property can be linked to its biodegradability nature.  This prope5rty is used up in the packaging of the liquid products and so the bags and pouches that are basically used are all made from the plastic.  If the paper is used in the packaging system, then the paper is coated with plastic and then it is used.  In short, we cannot ignore the plastic and neither can we live without liquid.