Making any product is very easy work, but its packaging becomes a very complicated and tough job.  Huge amount of thinking process is required in it.  Various thoughts have to be implemented and also many things have to be kept in mind.  The thinking process in carried out keeping all the points of advantages, disadvantages and accidents or damages.  The mind of thousands of people, several researchers, and various deeds the final packaging step is taken.  All such things are done only for the public better life and safety of their products.  Including all such points, it might have got clear, that packaging is so tough and highly important field.


Nowadays, the packaging is done using, paper or processed paper with great toughness.  The results are satisfactory and most importantly environment friendly.  However, previously, the plastic was the main thing used in packaging field, and undoubtedly it proved to be the best and most useful product.  The packaging of the heavy articles or hardware’s was easily done using the paper, but the main problem came in liquid packaging.  Here, the paper failed and so the plastic came out as the best tool. 


The plastic is water resistant and so can be used to deal with the liquid products easily.  These days, various shapes and sizes of pouches and bags are introduced for this purpose.  Mainly, standup pouches were made for liquid packaging only.  Along with it, various resalable, locking up pouches and various other types of pouches were introduced for this purpose only.  To deal with the liquid packaging was a problem but now, it has become very easy and only thing proved to be helpful was plastic.    


One way degassing valve is mainly used in the coffee industries.  It removes all the unwanted gases from the packet along with maintaining the proper amount of moisture in it.  Thus, maintains the taste and freshness of the coffee packed in.  However, the use of one way degassing valve is not just limited to the coffee industries; it has now reached a lot ahead.  It is widely used in the packaging of the medicines.  Mainly medicines are preferred in vacuum, but there are few medicines which are suppose to keep in moisture.  Such medicines are packed using this valve.  However, the uses are increasing with various modifications in its design.  Two ways degassing valve is also introduced which has increased the popularity and necessity to a very wide range.