It won’t be wrong if we say that; plastic is the most important devil.  We know that it is harmful, not good for the environment and it has a great involvement in making the earth polluted.  In short, it is a devil which is ruining our planet earth and making it barren and unhealthy for us to live.  But we need it the most.  We can neither ignore it nor can we turn our back over it.  We have to face it and also deal with it.  However, the plastic has its own advantages which can’t be ignored.  Its properties are such that makes it completely identical and different from rest of the world.


Plastic bags are used widely around the world.  They have many things in it, which cannot be mentioned in a short page.  Its qualities will be filled at least in a hundreds of pages, but only one disadvantage of non biodegradable makes it completely zero value.  Plastic bags are used in many ways in the market.  The most widely used once are the printed plastic bags.  Many of the shop keepers make use of it.  The list hasn’t stopped yet, evens the manufacturers and other huge branded companies make use of printed plastic bags.  These bags not only offer the attractive look to the product but also help in making it completely distinct.  It helps in advertisement.  However, there are also clear view printed plastic bags available in the market.  These bags are basically seen on the airports or stations.  Such bags makes there work simpler as they can see through the bags and examine what is packed in it.


The role of plastic in the society is same as that of blood in our body.  It is running continuously through the veins.  The most efficient part of plastic is in the field of packaging.  Here, the huge cargos, medicines packets, chemicals, clothes bulk and many more are packed and sent from one place to another.  For this purpose, the plastic is used for there packaging.  It can be stretched and high resistance makes it more viable for packaging.  Not only this, if accidentally if water is splashed on the cargos, containing very sensitive items than plastic packaging acts as a savvier.  There are many qualities which make it more eligible and popular among the population.  But, we cannot ignore its only one major disadvantage which makes it a devil of our society i.e. non degradability.