Plastic bags are the most important product that every common man uses.  Every single person whether it be a housewife, or working person or a businessman or a salesman or any shopkeeper, in its entire day to day routine comes in contact of the plastic bags.  This shows how much addicted or useful this product is to the common man.  Everyone knows that it is harmful to the environment or planet earth.  Steps are taken to reduce its usage and also introduce its substituent, but we can’t ignore the fact that plastic bags are unavoidable. 


They are non degradable i.e. they are not getting converted into the simpler units.  Their degradation is very complex and so remains as it is for a very long time.  If it gets buried into the soil, it makes it toxic and infertile and same is the case with the water and air.  If it is burned it evolves carbon dioxide and many other toxic gases which are the major reason for global warming and pollution.


Inspite if so many disadvantage and problems question arises why people are so much addicted of using plastic bags then?  It’s all because of its unique properties that people are getting attracted towards it.  It has immense flexibility, great carrying capacity, and huge expandability and most importantly it is very cheap and light in weight.  It can be folded or packed in any place that means it is very compact and handy.  It is water resistant and keeps the article or product inside it very safe.  It generates a vacuum inside it if it is closed tightly. All such properties make it completely different from rest of the world.


Plastic is not just limited to the social world, but its addiction has covered the packaging world also.  Previously, various products were packed by using plastic.  However, now it is changed and paper packaging has gain the grip over the market.  The property of water resistant attracted the milk and dairy industries towards using plastic.  The products they manufactured such as, curd, milk, butter, and many more were packed in plastic bottles as well as plastic pouches or bags. 


These plastic bottles also attracted the water packaging industries.  Later on, the soft drink manufacturers and many other industries took the best use of it.  Within a very short span of time, the plastic bottle became very popular and the only reason was safety.  The product or edible item packed inside it was safe.  Plastic protects it from the outside environment and maintain its freshness and taste.  However, it was very much durable and so faces the mechanical shocks up to certain extent and keeps the product very safe.