The world is actually running behind the technology and power.  Today, the country having the highest quantity of the oil is considered as the powerful country.  Various wars, business dealing and many such things are carried out, just for the sake of the power or the oil, various ammunitions, economics help and what not.  All the government are either talking about the elections or the country’s development, but they have forgotten one thing that the development is useless if it is not safe.  If the person is actually destroying the environment and surrounding nature, then what’s the value and need of this development?  This question is actually in front of all the developing countries and they have no answer to it.


The people are lavishly using the plastic and its products, without giving it a single thought that it may cost them the destruction of this beautiful planet earth where we live.  The most widely usage of plastic is actually in the field of the packaging.  The plastic packaging is undoubtedly the best and till now the ultimate packaging system used in the packaging of various sensitive products such as food, chocolates, and many more. 


The only popularity reason for this is that it is completely inert and it creates a protective shield that cannot be crossed or overcome by any of the microbes or pollutant in the air.  The plastic packaging has gained respect, but still it is not so much appreciated.  The wastage is also in large amount, and that actually leads to pollution.


Looking at it, the technology and research were made used and then various other substitution were tried to found out.  All such researches were made keeping in mind the basic fundamental of the environmental friendly property and also completing the requirement that is also very necessary.  Thus, the biodegradable packaging system came into usage.  Here, the packaging was made using the biodegradable products and even if the wastage was there, it was of no matter of worry. 


The biodegrading property helps in maintaining the balance in the society and the food chains and the pollution, which were highly disturbed previously were some how got in control.  This has proved to be boon to our society as well as the packaging companies.  But, the scientist hasn’t stopped yet.  The researches are still on and various other substitutions are produced and developed daily which are also proving themselves in the betterment of this earth.