The paper bags are widely used in the market.  But, it also has some restriction and limitation.  Ordinary paper bags cannot be used in the packaging of the liquid items.  However, for that purpose, the plastic coated paper bags were introduces.  But, the risk of getting punchered or lickage through any damage was still there.  Such bags were not having a strong base and were lying on the surface as it is which makes it more risky.  Also such packed articles cover a large surface which was not at all acceptable.  For this purpose, the Stand up pouches came into existence which proved completely correct on all such terms. 


Stand up pouches are mainly used in the packaging of liquid items.  It is tough, resistant, and most importantly consumes very less space.  It can be kept in any place or corner of the kitchen or any of the storing places.  These days, two or three layered standup pouches are also available in the market which aids in its toughness.  The only advantage is that the item packed in it remains very safe and the manufacturers rely completely on it.  Mainly these pouches are used the packaging of pickles, oil, ghee, and other liquid kitchen items.  Looking at its advantages, it became more famous in the field of medicines and chemical industries. 


Nowadays, these are used in packing the liquid syrups and even liquid chemical or compounds.  However, even the liquid soaps, toilet cleaner and other such items are also making full use of such pouches.  The great expression of satisfaction is obtained by the consumers and so the change to stand up bags is considered as the good and effective step.


The satisfaction of the consumer is the prime importance of the dealers and the manufacturers.  Because of it, all the necessary changes are made.  One of them is the introduction of zipper profile.  The best advantage of using such bags are that the items can be used again and again are zipped which maintains its freshness and taste for a long time.  The main use of such bags was in the field of food items packaging.  Mainly involving tea, coffee, grains, nuts, edible powders, and many more all of them used zipper profile.  Mostly those items which are used constantly by the household wives or people, are kept in such bags.  The item is used and immediately zipped so that it maintains its freshness and taste.  Along with it, it consumes very less space and can be accommodated anywhere in the kitchen platform.