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Respect everyone, not only the manufacturers

Posted by Dion Silva on Friday, March 30, 2012, In : Business 

The packaging field is actually worth talking for.  These people work day and night, just to make surety that whatever the consumer buys from the market deserved to be bought.  There should not be any sort of dissatisfaction regarding the product they got home.  There should be complete satisfaction in using it, and its last drop should be used thoroughly.  All such things are basically in the mind of the packaging people and thus, they work for it.  Undoubtedly, they have proved themselves b...

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Give your pet love and care, food is our responsibility

Posted by Dion Silva on Tuesday, February 14, 2012, In : Business 

Pets are the men best friend.  They are with you all the time, they play with you, and they smile with you and love you. If a pet is brought in the home, it becomes a part of a family. This shows how much pet are loved and accepted by the people. People have different taste and choices.  Some prefer dogs, cats, parrots, hens, goat, cows, etc. but the value of all the pets in any family is the same. Pets are kept either for their hobby or for a reason. The reason may be earning from their milk...

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