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Coffee handles it with care

Posted by Dion Silva on Saturday, April 14, 2012, In : Business 

The degassing valve has actually gained its popularity from the ground of the coffee packaging.  Mainly, it is used in the keeping the coffee fresh and safe inside the packet.  The degassing valve actually works in one direction, it allows the unwanted gas inside the packet to move out and keep the coffee safe and fresh.  But, what will be the unwanted gas inside the packet?  The coffee packaging is actually a long and complicated process comprising on many steps.  One of the starting steps i...

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Stand with the nation, go wish and smart

Posted by Dion Silva on Thursday, January 26, 2012, In : Business 

The paper bags are widely used in the market.  But, it also has some restriction and limitation.  Ordinary paper bags cannot be used in the packaging of the liquid items.  However, for that purpose, the plastic coated paper bags were introduces.  But, the risk of getting punchered or lickage through any damage was still there.  Such bags were not having a strong base and were lying on the surface as it is which makes it more risky.  Also such packed articles cover a large surface which was no...

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