Even though the world has taken a huge step of development and the great technology has come in, the only thing that cannot be ignored is the plastic.  The plastic is being used since a long time and Inspite of knowing its harmful effects on the mother earth; we cannot avoid touching it.  It has taken a deep place inside our life that now removing it has became very difficult.  It won’t be wrong if we say that the degradability of the plastic inside our life is also as difficult as it is to remove completely from the earth.  But, its never too late to when the person starts making its efforts, and the same efforts are being made towards the removal of the plastic also.  The scientists have developed many other substitutions so that people can get the same addiction and familiarity as they are with the plastic products.  Few of the inventions failed but many of them proved to be very helpful and successful.


One of the developed and very successful substitutions is the paper bags.  These are the best substitution of the plastic bags, as they are also light in weight, very handy, easily available and the most importantly environmental friendly.  The paper that is used in the paper bags manufacturing is not the normal paper that we see in the market, they are the processed and very strong paper.  There resistance and capability is very high, almost comparable to that of the plastic bags. 


The objection were laid down in the sense of cutting down the trees for making paper, but later artificial cellulose was prepared from which the paper was synthesized.  The popularity of the paper bags grew so fast that it began to see almost every where.  Then as per the usage and requirement, other forms of paper bags were also made.


One of the forms is the brown paper bags.  These are basically very strong and efficient bags.  They are used in mainly carrying out the large and heavy bulks or the heavy weighted items.  Mainly the brown paper bags are seen on the grocery and also the big malls, where the people buy large quantity of the items which are heavy and require a strong carrier which is there for the people.  In the packaging industries also these bags are very popular and also in the courier services.  The labeling of the huge consignments or the packets becomes very easy.