The resealable bags are the new adapted packaging technique in the market.  The views of the people are now getting changed and so the market is taking fast steps daily.  In other words, the world is changing very fast, and so the market is developing with it.  However, it cannot be ignored that the changes that are inherited are for the betterment of the society and human life, and one of such step is the introduction of such bags.  The basic problem which is faced by the people is of food decaying.  It loses its freshness, taste, capture humidity and so it decays.  It is not only the loss of the food, but also their hard earned money.  Mainly in the monsoon season, this is the very common complain found from the consumers.  After great thinking, and research the resealable bags came into existence. 

These bags protect the food items from the moisture and also getting deteriorated.  Mainly, when we open any pouch or any packet, the food comes in contact with the atmospheric gases.  Previously, the food is in the vacuum, completely saved from any gases but as it is opened, due to the nozzle effect all the gases try to enter the packet.  This is just unavoidable.  However, if the item is not covered or packed again after use, it gets oxidized and slowly it loses its taste, captures moisture, and becomes deteriorated. 


However, the use of resealable bags brought a change in the track.  As soon as the packet is opened, it is used but then it is resealed.  This blocks the interaction of the food item with atmosphere.  However, it may be used again and again, but as many times it is opened it is sealed again.  Thus, the item does come in contact with the atmosphere but for a very short while, and the maximum time it is kept protected.  This gave a very satisfactory breathe to the consumers and also the marketers.


However, the pharmaceutical packaging is completely different form that of the normal household stuff packaging.  All the medicines or the chemicals are to be kept away from the moisture as there may be chances of attack of microbes on it, which may prove to be very lethal.  Thus, high level care has to be taken in the packaging of such pharmaceutical items.  Some of the companies carry out their packaging within the protected area only, where all types of precautions are taken and the atmospheric gases and humidity level is also controlled.  Mainly the pharmaceutical packaging is done using, foil and heat sealing techniques; polyester and olefin package printing techniques; polyethylene and polypropylene printing; and flat bed die cutting technique also.