It won’t be wrong to say that the Paper bags are the future of the world.  The future of the world completely relies on the usage of paper bags and its usage.  If we continue the usage of plastic bags and plastic products, then one thing is very sure, that our upcoming generation neither would nor be able to breathe healthy.  Global warming and pollution are also getting the hype these days.  If the same thing continues for very long, then entire human race would be in a trouble.  Plastic may be very useful in certain time, but now we have many options in our hand.  We are not just bound to only use plastic, we have several options which we can implement, and day by day options are increasing and getting simpler.


Nowadays, people are having list of options in there hands.  These options are for the betterment and easier way of living.  Such options are developing day by day, with the great efforts of the scientist and other co-workers.  We must respect them and their efforts must not go in vein.


Paper bags are one of such option.  They are bio degradable and so environment friendly, which has no polluting effect on the environment or the human race.  These, paper bags are not yet perfect, but with the great efforts and research, they are made perfect.  Their usage is increasing day by day.  People understand the value and need for saving the earth from various polluting agents.  Mainly, the paper bags were used for the shopping and transportation purpose.  In foreign land, the shopping bags are mainly the brown paper bags.  These bags are made mainly for carrying and storing purpose.  They are light in weight, and very durable.  Evenly, any important note can be written over it which will mark as a label and will make identification easier. 


These paper bags are used almost every where either it be for shopping, carrying medicines or any chemicals or any other house tool or product.  Brown paper bags are mainly inert.  They do not react with the chemicals and any medicines also.  This property has made its usage wider in the pharmaceutical and medicinal field.  The chemicals and other products can be stored or transported very easily using such bags.  But, there occurs a problem when it comes on liquid products.  These bags fail to store and liquid product or chemical.  For this purpose, certain modifications are made such as plastic coated paper bags or laminated paper bags, which are also extensively used.